Psychic Readings

Incorporating Tarot, Numerology and Mediumship.

Readings are available by appointment in person, by phone or via Skype.  Please contact Sue to discuss your preferred option.

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Reiki – (A gentle healing therapy for people and pets)

Energy & Colour Body Balance – (A combination of energy healing and Aura Soma Colour Therapy)

Psychic Healing Sessions – (A powerful and life changing method of connecting via psychic realms in order to release blockages, past life ties and energy attachments)

Distant healings can also be arranged, please contact Sue to discuss your requirements.

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Health & Wellbeing Support

Body Balance® mineral health – an all natural, organic, non-genetically modified whole food drink that works at the very foundation for optimal health and wellbeing, our cellular and DNA level, to create ‘balance’ in the body.

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Specialised Services

Energy Clearing – (Home, Business & Property)

Please contact Sue to discuss your individual requirements.

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