How can I prepare for a Reading?

The best way to prepare for a reading is to allow plenty of time to arrive at your appointment so that you are not feeling rushed.  Have a pen and paper with you to document what is conveyed in the reading or you are welcome to bring along a  recording device.  However, the most important part is to have an open mind as to what comes through.

Readings are always for your highest purpose and are to act as a guide so you can make decisions with confidence about your future.  Some information that may not make sense in the reading may make sense at a later time.

Readings with Sue are for general guidance only. Sue is not a professional financial/legal advisor, medical practitioner or counsellor. Sue maintains at all times that you take repsonsibility for your own life and her insight during any session are to be used at your own discretion.   Sue Morris strongly advises that before making any life changing decision that you seek guidance from a qualified professional therefore she does not accept responsibility for your choices or actions after a session.


How can I prepare for a Healing?

You can prepare for a healing session in a number of ways; taking a shower so that you feel refreshed; engaging in 15-30 minutes of meditation; having a short nap or simply allowing for some quiet time before heading off to your appointment   will begin creating a feeling of tranquility and calmness.

Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing.  There is no need to remove any clothing during the session, but tight fitting or restrictive clothing may cause discomfort.

It is advisable at the time of your healing to remove excess jewellery, eyeglasses and your watch as metal objects can interfere with the flow of energy.

Arrive in plenty of time so you are feeling relaxed – commencing your healing session with a calm mind and body will ensure you gain optimum benefit.

It is quite common to experience a number of different sensations during a healing session such as lightness, tingling or heat in different areas of your body, emotions may surface as energy blockages are released or you may simply just reach a deep level of relaxation or drift off to sleep.

Plan a low key quiet evening to allow your body to gently integrate and process the energy shift after your healing session.

Enjoy your special ‘you’ time!