Soma&Soul offer a variety of courses and workshops during the year ranging from gatherings to share knowledge and insight, practice afternoons for students who have trained in specific modalities, to acquiring qualifications and certification to practitioner and teacher levels in classes held over a weekend.

Courses are deliberately kept small, providing an intimate setting to learn, share experiences and develop your new healing techniques with confidence. There is plenty of time for discussion and practice in a relaxed, informal setting.


Traditional Usui Reiki Courses – Level 1, Level 2, Level3/Master & Reiki Teacher Training

Pellowah Healing Technique Courses – Level 1 & Level 2

*Colour Dynamics – (Coming Soon in 2020) – Understanding the World of Colour Vibration & Colour Therapy


The Ancient Art of Smudging: Bless, Cleanse, Purify & Create Sacred Space – Creating Spaces of Integrity and Light

Crystal Basics – An Introduction to the Mineral World of Living Gems

Meditation Made Easy – Learn Simple Methods to Connect To Self & Bliss Out

The Importance of Grounding Your Energy – Techniques and Tools for Balance & Wellbeing

Shares: Ongoing Support & Practice for Students

Reiki Shares will be offered in Melbourne & Castlemaine

*Pellowah Shares will be offered in Melbourne & Castlemaine