Full Moon Wisdom

Full Moon in Cancer / Sun in Capricorn

23 December 2018 at 4.48am (AEST)

Opening the Heart – Gifts of the Year

We will experience the longest Full Moon in 8 years during this final cycle of 2018 – and she will be illuminated for a total of 15 and a half hours. Pure Magic.

A Full Moon that connects with our deepest emotional stirrings, to aid healing and bring forth transformation at the depths of our Being – she is indeed a gift to receive as we draw to the close of a monumental year.

A clearing of the old to make way for the new.

Situated at zero degrees, it signifies the heart point – to be open to and aligned with all possibility and potentiality – oneness with the Unified Field of Creation. A golden opportunity, so allow your intentions to flow freely and welcome the unexpected surprises, the positivity, an ease to making change or going in a new direction, and a move away from the anger and hostilities felt over the past weeks – it’s a chance to breathe.

With such a strong focus on the heart, it is not uncommon to experience the bubbling up or an outpouring of emotions at this time. And for many who have been the glue or trying to ‘hold it all together’, give yourself permission to release, for the tears to finally flow if needed, to express yourself and find the words or simply take some much needed time out to love and nurture Your Self. This beautiful energy will cradle and support you to do so.

Perhaps you are finally ready to, or discovering how, to connect to your heartspace. We can close off this part of us for many reasons – self preservation, past hurts and protection to name a few. To allow oneself to open, reconnect and experience emotions and deep feelings, to reach the level of your Soul and gain a sense of who you truly are can take time – this energy can be your guide to getting there.

Cancer may have a hard shell of protection but inside is soft, gentle and often vulnerable and easily hurt – our Full Moon energy will help you work on both aspects – bringing down the walls or working through the fragile and well hidden aspects of Self.

Being aware that releasing from the depth of the heart, from the very Soul, can be felt strongly and physically will bring peace of mind as you embrace the opportunity to leave the past behind, or find the solution you desire. . It can create many feelings and sensations as we move from the initial release,to transitioning and finally into the new.

Some of these feelings may be experienced as heart palpitations, anxiety or a sense of overwhelm, a heaviness across the chest or feeling pain within, a sense of relief, deep joy and bliss, a return to calm and inner peace, freedom and liberation.

A final culmination of such a release may also result in perceived illness such as bronchitis or a chesty cough seemingly ‘out of the blue’ – all may manifest as we allow ourselves to heal and let go of long held emotional baggage.

With a Full Moon as potent as this, you may have been feeling a build up to this energy for some time. Many have experienced energetic clearing symptoms throughout the year, with this Full Moon providing the final purge to elevate your consciousness and ascension.

All these release aspects are truly positive signs of the change you are seeking, they are confirming loud and clear that you are indeed moving in the right direction. All is well.

A very healing and ‘heartfelt’ Full Moon that will illuminate our core Essence. If needed, please take time for Self-Care (particularly those sensitive to energy), factor in additional rest, meditate, a gentle walk in nature to balance and calm, wearing a rose quartz crystal with its soothing and nurturing qualities of unconditional love can be a beautiful way to help ease and move through transitions.

You may feel drawn to align with the watery qualities of Cancer by taking a soothing bath, connecting with the living energy flow of a river or the waves of the ocean, or simply drink plenty of filtered water. All are wonderful tools for wellbeing during a Full Moon phase.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts will reach their peak with this Full Moon – harness your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship issues or challenges. The energy bestowed upon us supports reviewing personal relationships, clarity can be gained to see any dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony. Balance and equilibrium can be restored if you follow the truth of your heart.

Intuition is enhanced during this phase, follow and trust your gut feel, you may uncover a piece of a puzzle, have information or truths finally come to Light.

On the flip side, moods can become changeable, and like a pendulum, may swing to and fro – keep yourself well grounded.

Aspects of December’s Full Moon:

Marking the beginning of a brand new cycle.

Major internal transformation is occurring within on every level.

Letting go of all negative attachments from 2018, dissolving old patterning and timelines.

Continuing to embrace living in Integrity, Empowerment, Love and Truth of Self.

Creating a clear vision to expand conscious awareness and our new direction in life.

Time to thank the past for the lessons learned and welcome in new possibilities, opportunities and unlimited potential.

Don’t forget to place your precious crystals upon the Earth to cleanse and clear, they will then be ready to soak up the energy of this special lunar event.

Wishing you the most magical final Full Moon of the year – it’s a celebration of Light!

Happy Full Moon!


– Sue

*Next Full Moon – 21st January 2019

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