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Reiki Courses in Ivanhoe Melbourne & Maldon Country Victoria – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3/Master, Reiki Teacher

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Traditional Usui Reiki

  Relax    Heal    Energise   Flow

Perfect for beginners, dedicated students who have a passion for healing and energy work or the professional complimentary health practitioner.


Reiki is fun, simple and very easy to learn – it’s the perfect introduction to exploring and understanding energy,  to learn how to implement simple but powerful techniques into your daily life to create balance, flow and mindfulness, or perhaps its your first step towards following your calling to become an energy healing practitioner.

Learn how to connect and flow with Reiki energy and gain a lifetime skill of healing and balancing yourself and others – all in a relaxed, informal and supportive environment in the leafy suburb of Ivanhoe Melbourne, or the beautiful countryside of Maldon Victoria (a short 10min drive from Castlemaine).

You do not need to be a healer or have had any experience with energy work or other spiritual practices to embrace Reiki into your  life – just the curiosity, an open mind and heart or the simple desire to expand your knowledge and embrace something new.  Once you have personally experienced our Reiki courses you will understand why it is so much more than just a healing technique – its a way of Being.

The system of Reiki has its origins in Japan and is a spiritual practice that supports healing and personal development. A Reiki course is an enjoyable way of learning how to put a spiritual practice in place and to become more intuitive and connected to your True Self. It works on developing your core energetic strength and is a valuable health and wellbeing tool to support all aspects of our life to be happy, healthy, balanced and whole.

Reiki is a wonderful tool that anyone can learn and promotes relaxation, aids to reduces stress, frees up blockages and negative emotions such as fear and anxiety.  It allows the body to release tension and fatigue, bringing us back to a peaceful state of equilibrium.  Reiki gives us a method to easily re-energise when we have become unwell, run down or energetically depleted.  It increases our energy flow, vitality, strengthens our immune system, raises our vibrational level and awareness, as well as enhancing our overall wellbeing.  Reiki is also brilliant for grounding ourselves, its ‘earthy and tangible’ in its nature making it the modality of choice for so many.

Reiki uses a special form of ‘ki’ (Japanese for Qi or energy) to rebalance and then charge the body’s energy system. It doesn’t heal the body itself, but rather it gives the body the resources needed to do so.

Reiki will compliment and enhance other energy work you already do  – it is the perfect accompaniment to manage and bring balance into our busy lives.

Soma&Soul courses are also ideal for anyone who is ’empathic’ or susceptible to the effects of ‘negative energy‘ of places, people and spirits.

Through learning a series of simple traditional Japanese meditations,  you will learn how to ‘protect yourself’ by strengthening the ‘hara‘, one of your body’s key energy centres.

Courses are kept deliberately small with a maximum of 8 students, providing an intimate setting to learn, share experiences with fellow students, have discussions and gain valuable practice and confidence with your healing techniques.

 *If you have a group of friends/family and would like to organise a mid-week or interstate course, please contact Sue to discuss options.

 Gold-seal-and-blue-with-backgroundCertificates and Accreditation

All courses at Soma&Soul are certified and recognised by the ARC – Australia’s leading Reiki association.

Sue is an accredited Reiki Master and Teacher whose lineage goes back to the original founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.  This is important to anyone who is considering becoming a Reiki practitioner or using Reiki as part of an already established healing modality, as it guarantees your certificate will be recognised by the leading Reiki associations in Australia and overseas.

Sue brings a wealth of knowledge and over 25 years experience working with various healing modalities.  Her desire was to offer an opportunity to ‘bring forth your own inner light’ by teaching students a simple and powerful method of Reiki healing that combines traditional Japanese Reiki with the most effective Western Reiki techniques developed over the last 70 years.

Sue brings a sense of fun, humour and warmth to all her Reiki courses, together with lots of special added extras, insights and valuable knowledge, which make them so enjoyable, unique, popular and much loved.

Reiki Course Manual

Soma&Soul courses come with a high quality manual that covers all of the course information. This ensures that you will never be left struggling to recall any of the key concepts and techniques that are taught.  It is a great reference tool for any personal or professional Reiki work that you do now and in the future.

Drinks and Snacks

All participants will receive complimentary tea (mostly herbal) and a selection of healthy snacks.

Reiki Venues – (Ivanhoe, Melbourne & Maldon, Country Victoria)

Ivanhoe – All Melbourne courses are held at Soma&Soul in Ivanhoe, providing a relaxed and casual environment that is accessible via public transport – (Ivanhoe train station is an easy 5 minute walk) – and there is ample street parking available in Locksley Road.

Ivanhoe has a lovely ‘village’ feel and Soma&Soul is located walking distance to the main shopping, café and restaurant precinct.  The Ivanhoe Quest Apartments is a popular choice for students attending courses from interstate or the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Maldon – Courses are held locally in Harker Street, surrounded by a tranquil and peaceful country setting  – (the town centre is a 5 minute walk or 2 minute drive from the venue) –  there is also ample street parking in Harker Street.  Maldon is approximately 1.45hours drive from Melbourne and has an array of very affordable accommodation options available for those travelling to the area to attend a weekend course.

The township of Maldon is picturesque, steeped in history and known as Victoria’s best preserved gold rush town – it literally looks like time has stood still with its beautiful original buildings, gorgeous B&B’s, wonderful cafes and fabulous quirky shops to browse.  So if you’ve been thinking about a weekend getaway – come join me and immerse yourself for two wonderful days of healing, relaxation and meditation surrounded by rolling hills and clean fresh country air.

Reiki Course Refund Policy

We do not offer a refund on deposits or course payments if you change your mind about our Reiki Courses or do not attend on the day. However, if you provide two week’s notice and have paid for your course in full, we will be happy to move you to an alternative course date pending availability – (a $50 admin fee applies).

Rescheduling Courses:

It is unlikely to occur, however, Soma&Soul reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event due to low enrolement, presenter illness or other unforseen circumstances.  All course fees will be carried over to the next suitable course date.

Why Take a Reiki Course?

Reiki courses are a great way to improve your health and wellbeing, heal and release hurts from the past and connect you to your true Inner Self.

After taking our courses, students have experienced Reiki to be helpful for:Bamboo2

  • An ever increasing sense of peace and calm in their lives
  • Improvement with their health
  • Better sleep
  • Feeling less stressed or anxious
  • Having increased energy
  • Greater emotional balance, focus and clarity
  • Feeling grounded
  • Improvement with their meditation / increased intuition
  • Feel a deeper connection to their True Self.


All Soma&Soul Reiki courses cover the Five Pillars (or Diamonds) of the Japanese system:

  1. Reiki Attunements – energy ceremonies that connect students to the Reiki energy
  2. Meditation Techniques  that both refine and strengthen a student’s connection to energy
  3. Reiki Healingenabling students to use energy to heal themselves and others
  4. Mantras and Symbols  (Introduced in Level 2) that help students strengthen their connection to certain forms of Reiki energy
  5. Reiki Preceptsprinciples that promote a healthy energetic system, facilitate powerful cleansing and provide a philosophical and spiritual backdrop to Reiki practice.

In the Japanese system, the 3 levels of Reiki are:

  • Shoden   =  Awakening
  • Okuden   =  Going within and connecting with your potential
  • Shinpiden  =  Opening up to the Greater Mysteries or realising your True Self

Did you know that most Reiki courses are missing up to 50% of the original Japanese Usui Reiki system, resulting in students not being taught the key elements of building a strong energetic base that empowers your Reiki practice, healing and overall wellbeing.

Course Details:

Course Content – Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)Reiki Hands of Light

Investment: $395

Pre-requisites: Nil

Duration: 2 Days – Saturday & Sunday (10am to 5.30pm)

This is where it all begins!

Our Level 1 course connects and introduces students to Reiki energy.

At its completion, students will:

  • Be able to use Reiki to heal both themselves and others
  • Know all key hand positions and how they help you increase the power of your healing sessions
  • Have an understanding of the 5 Reiki precepts and how they can help you overcome past hurt and energy blocks
  • Have practised several meditation methods – such as breathing into the ‘hara’ – for increasing the flow of chi and strengthening healing
  • Know how to smooth the aura and cleanse the body of energetic impurities
  • Have a basic understanding of the chakra system, how it effects our wellbeing and how Reiki can strengthen it
  • Learn techniques for working intuitively with Reiki and how we can develop our intuition in healing; and
  • How to use Reiki to heal animals/pets
  • Understand the Reiki history/ lineage and its journey from Japan to the West

2018 Level 1 Course Dates:

  • January –  Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st – (Ivanhoe)

  • February – Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th – (Maldon)

  • April –  Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th – (Ivanhoe)

  • May – Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th – (Maldon)

  • June – Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th – (Ivanhoe)

  • July – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th – (Ivanhoe)

  • August – Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th – (Ivanhoe)
  • October – Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st – (Ivanhoe)

  • October – Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th – (Maldon)

  • December – Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th – (Maldon)


Course Details:

Course Content – Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) / Advanced Reiki TechniquesReiki Healing_hands

Investment: $450

Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 1

Duration: 2 Days – Saturday & Sunday (10am to 5.30pm)

Level 2 provides the complete well-rounded package and enables you to take your Reiki to a whole new level.  Its where the real magic comes together – Reiki Level 2 is about personal development,  building on the skills you learned in Level 1 and going much deeper into this beautiful spiritual practice.

All the techniques taught in our Reiki Level 2 course are part of an overall system that builds towards achieving Reiki mastery.  All the Reiki skills perfectly compliment each other, just as the founder Dr Mikao Usui intended – so taking our course will give you a very real feeling of accomplishment and progression.

Level 2 is also the key level for Reiki practitioners – its the next step to learn powerful new skills to achieve the qualification needed to work as a Reiki practitioner and professional healer. 


This course will cover all of the Level 2 basics.

At its conclusion students will:

  • Be attuned to the Level 2 Reiki energy – (using the traditional Japanese Level 2 attunement)
  • Know the Power Symbol and its many uses – (from increasing the flow of Reiki energy to cleansing the energy of a room)
  • Know the Mental/Emotional symbol and how it can heal past hurts, improve memory and more
  • Know the distance symbol and how it will enable you to facilitate healing (in a very tangible way) anywhere in the world!
  • Learn how to meditate on the symbols
  • Learn the mantras associated with the symbols
  • Learn all key positions for treating others, as well as important ways in which this differs from treating yourself.

Special Course Content (not generally covered in other Reiki courses):

  • Learn the traditional Japanese way of using the symbols and mantras – these three mantras are quite different from the ones usually given and will boost your Reiki to new levels
  • Learn the traditional Japanese method for doing distance Reiki
  • Practice several meditation techniques for strengthening your Reiki and clearing energetic blockages
  • Learn how to use the five Precepts to release unresolved issues from the past
  • Have an understanding of the chakra system and how this can empower your Reiki
  • Know how to work intuitively with Reiki and why this is essential for maximum results
  • Know how to clear/balance energetic blockages and replenish energetically depleted areas of the body

2018 Level 2 Course Dates:

  • March – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th – (Ivanhoe)

  • September – Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th – (Ivanhoe)

  • September – Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th – (Maldon)

Course Details:

Course Content – Reiki Master (Shinpiden)

Investment: $1495

Pre-requisites: Reiki Levels 1 & 2 – (Online certificates do not count)

*Completing Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 is essential to attend this course. 

*A duration of one or more years between completing Level 2 and the commencement date of the Master Level is required. 

*A copy of your Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 certificates must be provided.

*Students need to provide 15 recorded Reiki sessions (facilitated for friends, family or professionally) to support their readiness to step into Master Level.

(Note: Please contact Soma&Soul if you do not meet this criteria, but still feel the time is right to attend this course. All applications will be considered on their individual merits).

We welcome students who have not studied with Soma&Soul previously and will work to guide you in order to prepare successfully for the course.

Duration: 3 Days – Saturday, Sunday & Monday (9.30am to 5pm)

Master Level courses are for Reiki students who have the desire to take the final step towards evolving their personal growth and practice.  

The Master course is usually of interest to people of two distinct groups – firstly there are those who go on to be Reiki professionals by providing healing sessions or stepping towards teaching courses; and the other group are people who are not at the point of considering working in a professional capacity with Reiki, but would really like to deepen their connection and understanding of it.

For many this may be a milestone or personal goal of journeying further into this beautiful modality, or perhaps it is simply a knowing that they would like to embrace all that Reiki has to offer – it is after all the gift that never stops giving on every level of your being. 

The course integrates the very best features of both Western and Japanese (Usui) Reiki lineages and provides students with a wonderful depth of knowledge, insight and understanding.

The course is for students who would like to become Reiki professionals and are willing to put in the dedication to develop the necessary skills to do so.

The Master Level course includes all information that is sometimes broken down into two courses, a Reiki 3a and 3b course, or a Reiki Master Practitioner / Reiki Master Level.  It also equates with what is known in traditional Japanese Reiki as the ‘Shinpiden’ level – (opening up to the Greater Mysteries or realising your True Self).

After completing the course, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience alongside Sue in a group environment to help develop confidence before stepping into their own teaching.

I have often said, as was my own personal experience, that you never know where your Reiki may take you in the future!

10 Reasons to Take Our Master Level Reiki Course

  1. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards! (In fact, many students report feeling ‘the best they have felt in along time’ at the conclusion of a Master Level course).
  2. Three full days of small group instruction ensures students fully grasp the advanced techniques that are taught.
  3. Acquire advanced techniques not generally taught that will greatly expand the way you understand and use your Reiki.
  4. Receive attunements to additional high vibrational Tibetan Master Level and Esoteric power symbols not offered in most Reiki courses.
  5. Course certification that is recognized by the ARC (Australian Reiki Connection) and the Australian/Internatiohnal Association of Reiki Professionals.
  6. A detailed 21 day e-course to consolidate everything you have learnt.
  7. Post course support – if you have any questions about your practice, Sue is always happy to chat to you about them.
  8. Powerful Reiki techniques from both Western and traditional Japanese Reiki lineages.
  9. A 100+ page detailed course manual.
  10. Become part of more than one well recognised Reiki lineage that originates with Mikao Usui, Reiki’s founder.

Our Master Level course provides students with the necessary tools required to step into teaching Reiki at all levels.

At its completion you will:

  • Be attuned to the Reiki Master Level.
  • Be attuned to the Reiki Master Symbol – learn how it will improve your ability to channel energy and enter the ‘Great Bright Light’
  • Know how to attune others to all Reiki levels – this is the crucial step in enabling you to set up your own successful practice.
  • Know several advanced Reiki meditation techniques to increase energy flow.
  • Know several advanced meditation techniques for increasing consciousness and energy.
  • Know several non-standard methods for giving Reiki, including the use of the breath and the ‘third-eye’ technique.
  • Attunement to and use of additional symbols – Tibetan Master Level and Esoteric.
  • Understand important aspects for working with clients – what to say, what to avoid.
  • Know how to conduct healing attunements (reiju) – these can be used any time to improve a student’s connection to Reiki.
  • Have practiced advanced meditation using the Reiki symbols.
  • Have learned how to connect to Reiki energy through mantras and chanting – these techniques can totally elevate and transform the way you connect to Reiki energy.
  • Know techniques for connecting to the 7 main chakras to help you achieve greater mental, physical and emotional balance.
  • Have learnt about chakras outside the body and know techniques for connecting to both the Earth Star Chakra and the 8th Chakra.
  • Have learnt to use the Reiki precepts for creating powerful change, healing and balance.
  • Have revised and further developed all the important techniques and concepts taught in our Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

The course is held over three (3) consecutive day, but all participants are expected to contact Sue afterwards to discuss their Reiki progress.

2018 Master Level Course Dates:

  • June – Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th & Monday 11th – (Ivanhoe)

  • November – Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th & Monday 5th – (Ivanhoe)


Course Details:

Course Content – Usui Reiki Teacher

Investment: $625

Pre-requisites: Reiki Levels 1, Level 2 & Master Level – (Online certificates do not count).

Duration: 2 Days – Saturday & Sunday (10am to 4pm)

*Completing Reiki Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3/Master Level is essential to attend this teaching course.  A duration of one year or more between completing Master Level and commencing a Teachers course is recommended to ensure all your Reiki knowledge and skills are well embedded. 

This two day comprehensive course will provide you with all the essential information, techniques, tools and additional tips to teach Usui Reiki at all levels competently and confidently.


For enquiries or course bookings, please contact Sue at Soma&Soul on 0411 183 913





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